Periodic servicing is critical for the long term performance and safety of your bike. Also the parts as these will wear quicker if not serviced and cleaned.  As a rider and mechanic I would encourage ‘pre emptive’ servicing because it will hugely decrease the likelihood of those unexpected mechanical failures which, usually happen just a you are going to use your bike after a long period of storage over the summer or winter months. Also there are peak times during the year when everyone is rushing for their bike to be serviced/repaired and there are only so many hours in the day, secondly regular servicing does help highlight developing problems and ensures these are resolved quickly and before they become expensive.

Post-service, your bike will operate more precisely, be quieter, more efficient, and safe. A huge enhancement to your cycling experience. Don’t wait until something stops working before booking a service.

Bike Fitting

What is a bike fit?

A good bike fit will allow you to cycle in the easiest and efficient way as possible, ensuring you are putting the forces into the parts of the body that are the most capable of dealing with it ensuring we are no putting the forces in to the wrong areas thus causing injury. With our dynamic bike fit we ensure we put your body in the position that is the easiest way possible for you to do the work, a good bike fit will make you;

•       Powerful

•       Efficient

•       Good endurance

•       No pain

•       No discomfort

•       Easy

•       Stable/planted

•       Smooth

•       Natural

When you get bike fit through me, it is not just one appointment  and. off you go, included in the price is 3 months unlimited correspondence, also 1 confirmation fit if needed, if you need to ask questions then you can, I will be on call for 12 weeks after your fit. who else does this sort of service?

Saddle fitting

Do you find the saddle on your bike uncomfortable?

 I offer a full Prologo MyOwn saddle fitting service.


I'm trying to remove the risk associated with buying a new saddle out of it.


With my fit service we find 3 saddles that will suit you and your type of riding, we then offer a test saddle for you to ride. Once you have tried the test saddle and you are happy, if not we will try another one we will then order and fit the new saddle once on its not over, as we offer a 60 day money back on the saddle.You can’t get better than that.


How many times have you bought a saddle and it turned out to not be comfy? I think we all have at least once!

Aero fit

3D Aero

  • Offers dynamic frontal area measurements, to give real-time feedback on position aerodynamics.

  • 3D Aero enables me to assess the aerodynamic impact of fit changes within my fit studio.
  • While not a complete replacement for the wind tunnel, 3D Aero presents accurate data on frontal area, alongside projected power targets for relative distances and target splits, and can be used alongside 3D Motion to provide a comprehensive high-performance fit for amateur and elite cyclists and triathletes.

  • 3D Aero utilises a 3D Camera to automatically measure the frontal area of a rider. The system generates actionable intelligence with the following features:

  • Average FA for a user defined period

  • User defined Cd applied to give a calculated CdA

  • Power measured and averaged via ANT+

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