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A Triathlon and Time Trial aero fit has unique fit-related challenges for the athlete and is a delicate balance to optimise power, aerodynamics, function and comfort.

Fitting a rider for an Ironman triathlon, a ten mile Time Trial is difficult. A good understanding of a rider's physiology and performance level is key to the fit and also equipment and helmet selection.

Up to 80% of total drag is attributable to the rider, clothing and helmet and position, due to this in an aero fit I focus on these issues as this is where we can make the greatest gains.


Your position will be checked assessed and adjusted depending on what  event and duration you need to hold it for, (there is no point being as aero as possible if you can not hold that position for the event) ; with attention paid to equipment and helmet selection plus a focus on posture and head position to generate power and reduce drag.


The Triathlon and TT fits are at 9:30am Tuesday to Friday to allow enough time for our mechanic to make any changes to the bike during the session.



Using Velogic fit aero software I can optimise your aero position and give you live feedback on watts saved and time gained in your event. We will work with you to find an aero position that is sustainable and that also enables you to generate as much power as possible for the duration of your event.

The fit will:

  • Reduce frontal surface area and optimise aerodynamic shape

  • Fine tune posture, head and helmet position

  • Maintain good breathing function

  • Optimise knee-extension

  • Maintain pelvic stability

  • Adjust crank-length

  • Maintain open-hip with forward rotation

  • Calibrate cleat-position

  • Maintain good pedalling dynamics (especially through the top of the pedal stroke)

  • Use a position that is appropriate for athlete's: flexibility, injury-history, aspiration, event-duration

  • Advice on equipment and bike selection

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