Cleat knee adjustment (foot correction) £55

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Foot to pedal interface (understanding that over a 100 mile ride they will rotate the cranks approximately 44,000 times - a lot of discomfort if not looked at correctly).

After a verbal assesment
The fit starts with the client getting on the bike in their riding kit and gently pedalling to warm up. I use an Apple App (there is an app for everything) to help with the fit, and to populate the final report.
The fit  concentrates on the foot pedal interface; this can take up to the best part of 1- 1.5 hours and covers the following,

 Foot fore and aft, getting the pedal spindle just behind the ball of the big toe, between the 1st and 5th MTP.


• Medial lateral (foot under the knee) improve alignment by reducing the medial lateral knee movement.


• Wedging if required to create an even pressure across the foot giving natural tilt of the forefoot.


• Rotation to allow the foot to rotate with its natural orientation.


• Leg length obviously if it has been properly diagnosed
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