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Why my bike fits are for you and just you!

Why my bike fits are for you and just you!

There are many different ways to carry out a bike fit, do they all come up 

with the same result? Is everyone done the same? Finally, are all bike fitters, fitters?

There are more and more places offering bike fits so why are mine any different to the commercial fits like Retul, Guru fit system and shimano just to name a few. One thing these systems all do is enable the fitter to look at a screen not the rider and fit you to angles, fitting by numbers for a better phrase. This enables the fitter to put you in a position that fits the given recommended angles formulas set by the industry and send you on your way, I have had several of these fits in my time and I am concerned for a multitude of reasons the main 3 being 

1, The fitter never looked or talked to me directly just an image on the screen.

2. Nothing was explained, Q, why knee over the pedal? Answer that’s what it is to enhance your stroke.

3. Most if not all of the physical, flexibility tests are null and void do they relate to being on a bike? No!

My other main concern was you can do a 2/3 day course and be a fitter, and not have cycled a bike before in your life. And to use a systemized fit system you do not need to be an expert, scary right? 

I started my fit career like the above on a 2 day course with a high profile cycle brand and even then when I was asking questions I never really got a satisfactory answer from the instructor, was he really a font of all knowledge or just a conduit of information dictated by the company to make money, also a big part was up sale, yes you may need to purchase items to enable an excellent fit but you should not be going out of your way to double the price of the fit in new equipment.

 The theory is that a bike fit is a bike fit and no matter who does it or what system they use will give you a fit, this is correct but is it the fit for you? If a fitter is going to fit you to numbers it is a one size fits all approach and off the peg suit, if this is the case then everyone is the same right? No, not all people 5 ft 7 wear the same size trainer or the same leg length trousers, because we are all different. A triathlete does not want the same fit as a Crit racer, or someone who rides in the lakes district up and down hills all day doesn’t need or want the same fit as a rider in Suffolk so why is this the case, where do my fits differ?

I fit YOU, the rider to YOUR needs and requirements. Yes I use a 3D motion system (Velogicfit), but I do not let that dictate the fit or the angles, I use it as a resource to compile all of the pre and post fit data for me. I still fit biomechanically I talk and explain every adjustment the reasoning and science behind it. This is why my fits are Knowledge based rather than formula based, I have studied bike fitting and trained under one of the best bike fitters in the country, What do my fits give?

  • Power when fitted correctly to YOU, your power output WILL increase

  • Efficient your efficiency will improve resulting in the next point

  • Good endurance go further quicker and easier

  • No pain if you have pain whilst riding this is wrong also over use injuries will arise

  • No discomfort you should feel comfortable in the position (do not get discomfort confused with tiredness).

  • Easy riding will be easier and more enjoyable

  • Stable/planted contact on the bike will be correct removing any pressure problems or any movement out of the normal movement for you.

  • Smooth your pedal stroke will be correct and more economical removing any dead spots power loss

  • Natural you will ride to your body’s natural movement

When you have a bike fit with me it is not just a one hit, but we work together over the next few weeks and months to tweak and enhance your position. If you are a triathlete I will not as most fitters say put more pressure on your quads so you can run easier I load balance you as to not tire out muscles so your muscles are as good as they can be for the final part of your race the run. As a fitter we should be taking as much information from the rider pre and during the fit to enhance the fit for them, it is all about you not the angles. For more info visit  www.completecycles.co.uk

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