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Winter Rim Pads do you need them???

Without doubt brakes are the most important components on your bike.

Your brake pads – are also an integral part which play I big part in how you will stop efficiently, effectively and safely especially in wet conditions.

All brake pads are worn as they are used, this wear is dependent on rider style, weight, conditions and weather (the later plays a big part as to what pads you are using. If you are riding with worn damaged pads, they will not work properly compromising yours and others safety. To ensure they are going g to work at their optimal you need to inspect and clean them regular them regular along with your rim as road dirt and grit can become embedded in the pad and damage your rim especially in winter eroding g the metal surface of the rim.

• Rim brake pads: Rim brakes use both sides of the rim of the wheel as their breaking surface, the pads/blocks are mounted on the end of an arm either side of the wheel which close on to the rim as the lever is pulled pulling the cable and pulling the pivoted arms in towards the rim (for efficient and effective breaking the pads should touch both sides of the rim at exactly the same time enhancing stopping ng power and control. There are a number of different types of pads, so you need to choose the types of pads according to the style of rim brake you have.

• Rim compounds: Standard alloy rims are fuss-free in terms of pad choice however any riders with non alloy rims will need rime specific pads check with your manufactuer for details these could be carbon or the Mavic Exalith for example, also pads can be dependant again on manufactuer Campagnolo or Shimano again are different.

• Weather conditions Some brands offer wet-weather specific pads which are a sound choice for winter training or riding during the transition seasons of spring or autumn. Wet-weather pads can still be used in the dry but are optimised for better performance than standard pads when it’s raining. This are usually found as a red/salmon colour, I use 2 brands Firbrax or my preferred option Koolstop. Both have enhanced stopping power in the rain which is great for the rider especially in a group. Fairbrax at the moment come with a shoe along with both red and black so you can change at your discretion. (RRP £14.99, or £20.99 fitted and adjusted), Koolstop £11.99 (£17.99 fitted and adjusted).

in my view if we are riding in the excellent British winter I would always ride a salmon or red pad for that enhanced stopping power, the usual black are good but not excellent also I would recommend a professional service and set up originally and once that is done you can replace your cartridge pads at your lesuire.

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