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Super B Chain cleaner TB-3208

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TB-3208 makes cleaning dirty chains much easier with its rotating brushes.
A foam wipes off the extra solvent from the chain, reducing the mess.
It’s available to work with most degreasers such as citrus based degreaser.
Place newspaper or rag under work area.
Remove excess mud, dirt and sand from chain using brush or rag. Recommend to use with Super B TB-1711 folding brush .Super B  TB-1711 is specifically designed to clean dirt and grime of cog, gears and chain.
1. Make sure that bike is stabilized in a workstand or against a wall. Adjust the chain into smallest rear cog. Shift to chainring or tilt bike in workstand to make lower section of chain horizontal.
2. Position the chain cleaner on the lower portion of the chain, mid-way between cog set and crank set.  (A)
3. Cover the lid and then slide handle firmly into body of the chain cleaner.  (B.C)
4. Fill with cleaning fluid to “Fill” line. Do not overfill.
5. Use the chain cleaner, making sure it is completely flush with the reservoir body.
6. Crank pedals slowly backwards (counter-clockwise) several complete rotations to clean the chain.
7. Re-lubricate the chain.
8. Dry spills immediately. Empty the chain cleaner and rinse with water. Squeeze fluid from sponge. Always dispose of cleaning fluid and rag properly.
9. For best results use the chain cleaner on regular basis to prevent hard caked on grime from accumulating on the chain.

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