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The Multi-Configurable, Multi-Functional Mini Ratchet with 2-8Nm Torque Measurement that is breaking the internet! Over 1200% Funded on Kickstarter! As of December 7, 2016, we have completed fulfilment of the the Kickstarter orders and Both T-Ratchet and Ti-Torque are AVAILABLE FOR ORDER!!



T-Ratchet and T-Torque combine to forma powerful force for good. Roughly 70% of damage to high end carbon components such as Seat Posts, Handlebars and Stems comes when making adjustments without using torque. The majority of adjustments made without torque occur on the roadside or trailside! This makes sense, as you might set up your new ride or component at home using your shop torque tool, or a pre-set torque tool, but need to raise/lower you saddle, or adjust the tilt of your bars out on the road.. Too low of a torque and the component will slip which is both unsafe and can cause damage, too high a torque and you can permanently crush the component.



T-Ratchet and Ti-Torque solve this by providing a highly ergonomic tool with a torque measuring extender that provides real time feedback to the torque you are tightening to. Simply begin tightening the fastener while watching the scale on the Ti-Torque, it will SHOW YOU IN REAL TIME the Torque being applied!!



The T-Ratchet uses interchangeable magnetic components to convert from screwdriver to ratchet, to ratcheting T-Handle in Seconds, and the Ti-Torque is made from Titanium and Aluminium with Hard Steel contact surfaces allowing it to weight only 30 grams!



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